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A Brief Introduction

If I were a Zombie, I’d eat kindle books, not brains. (by Saku)

This here amalgamation of whimsy and wonder is brought you by yours truly, “Scenery,” as I am sometimes known on these here interwebs.

I’m 25-years-old and a recent graduate of the University of Pittsburgh where I earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Philosophy with related areas in Computer Science and Political Science. Presently, I’m working as an office drone for a company which I won’t name or write about, because I like my job and I want to keep it, thanks…at least for the time being.

After spending five years living, working, and studying in Pittsburgh, I relocated back to my hometown in Central Maryland. There’s no place like home, right?

I fit the definition of an INTJ with scary accuracy and my interests pretty much place me solidly in the category of  “nerd.” I’m absolutely obsessed with zombies, I spend more time with my Kindle than I do with my family and friends, and I have more than one dream in the past year which occurred entirely in Java.


10 Entirely Random Facts About Me

1.) I really, really hate bugs. More accurately, I am absolutely terrified of them.
2.) Following through with my ideas and plans is pretty hard for me sometimes. I get distracted very easily.
3.) I’m sort of hounds-tooth print at the moment. No shame.
4.) When I’m jogging, you can be 100% certain that I’m pretending that I’m being chased by zombies to motivate myself to run faster.
5.) I do most of my seriously thinking on the bus during my commutes to/from work/school.
6.) My vision is  20/100. I walked around like a bat until 2009 when I realized that other people could actually see individual leaves on trees .
7.) Winter is my favorite season and I love, love, love snow.
8.) Tapping my collarbone is something I do often when I’m deep in thought.
9.) My favorite my book of all time is Microserfs by Douglas Coupland.
10.) I’m sort of obsessed with angus mushroom swiss burgers.

About Uninspired-Musings

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