Today, my brain is the texture of pureed squash…and it shows.

This has pretty much been my day so far...poor image quality and all.

Last night, the combination of post-surgical exhaustion, half a Vicodin, and a low of 53 degrees Fahrenheit led to me having some of the best sleep I’ve had in months. My sleep was so amazing, in fact, that I slept through my alarm and woke up 40 minutes late this morning. Oops? Somehow I still made it to work on time (albeit with a rough eyeliner job and a half-assed lunch in my bag), so all is well that ends well I guess.  Err, well enough…despite all of that sleep, I’m still so exhausted that I would crawl under my desk and nap if that wouldn’t end horribly.

I’m ready to have my energy back so I can get back to focusing on things more interesting than the rate at which the inside of my mouth is accumulating scar tissue. On some level, it has been sort of nice being forced to take some time to wind down and rest, but I have never been one to enjoy staying mentally inactive for long periods of time. On a similar note, I’ve been doing really badly in terms of “52 books in 52 weeks” this month for whatever reason. I’ve just been hyper-focused on getting my ducks in order to make sure I’m closer to who and where I want to be by this time next year and reading has been taking a backseat for the time being; that said, I did start reading Time of the Twins in earnest this morning on the bus. As everyone who has spent more than five minutes alone with me know, I’m really great at planning things, but not amazing at actually executing them, so I’m attempting to combine the planning and execution stages with this latest endeavor (GRE studying and financial planning for the upcoming academic year) so that the wheels will already be in motion before my attention span goes wandering off again. I’m really looking forward to solidifying a lot of plans for the next three to four months so that I can blog about them in earnest, but I’m not quite there just yet and I don’t want to put the cart before the horse on this one.

One plan I am willing to reveal is my is my plan to start working on a somewhat-more-autumnal layout for the blog in the very near future. So far I’m leaning towards making it old school “swords and sorcery”-inspired since my once-latent geekiness has reared its head in a big way lately, but I don’t have anything even resembling a concrete idea at the moment.