With(out) Teeth

The past two days have been adventurous to say the least.

Not MY wisdom tooth, but you get the idea.

My lower, left wisdom tooth decided that it didn’t want to be friends anymore and attacked me with crazy waves of pain leading me to spend Tuesday morning in the emergency room at UMPC Shadyside and Tuesday afternoon getting my problematic tooth extracted by an amazing oral surgeon at UPMC Montefiore who managed to squeeze me into his schedule since the numbing medicine I got in the Emergency Room that was supposed to last 5 to 6 hours wore off after 30 minutes because my pain levels were so intense.

I spent yesterday in a Vicodin-induced haze that was punctuated only by brief awakenings to eat squishy things (pudding, jello, and ice cream) and text MsBrownBird. I’m back at work today even though I could have really used another day off because we’re pretty backed up and even though I’m not at 100% just yet, I’m functional enough to be of some use in the office. Despite my persistant state of exhaustion, my extraction and recovery have been pretty low-key thus far.

 I’m still not out of the window in which I could be stricken with Dry Socket, so I’m being super-gentle with my mouth, but I have managed to avoid chipmunk cheeks and excessive bruising, so I’m grateful for that. So yup, that was my unplanned medical/dental adventure!

4 thoughts on “With(out) Teeth

  1. I’m jealous you avoided looking like a chipmunk. Everyone should have to go through that. But I’m really surprised you went to work today… you have SO much more dedication than I do >>

    1. Yeah, I was really shocked that I did, honestly. Sarah didn’t believe that I looked normal, so I sent her a picture to prove it, haha.

      I would have felt bad missing another day because we’re reeally backed up AND my boss is out of town for a few days. Under normal circumstances, I probably would have stayed out until Monday. =x

  2. Glad you got rid of the “tooth monster” and are feeling better, Chica. Will treat you to a not- so-squishy lunch this weekend!

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