“Oh self, if we had a thousand mouths, we’d share a thousand kisses!”

My bedtime is approaching, so this will have to be a fairly short entry, but I have a few thoughts I’ve been meaning to get down for a few days now.

I might be super in love with my nerdy self right now, but I will eventually branch out and start loving others. And when I do? I will love a nerd boy, damn it!

Ever the narcissist, I have been doing a fair amount of self-reflection as I close in on my 23rd birthday. I have realized (or perhaps finally accepted?) that, on the whole, I really like myself as a person and I’m fairly comfortable with who I am. As a result of stumbling upon this little discovery, I have been a lot more gentle with myself as of late and not taking every misstep I make as license to have a total meltdown and completely doubt my worth as a human being. All of that mental energy which was wasted on negativity has been re-purposed to the much more productive task of focusing on things about myself that make me, well, awesome. As a result of feeling awesome, and consequentially more self-confident, I have felt like a lot more things are “within my reach” so to speak.  Because of that, I’ve gotten a bit more ambitious and, as such, I have a lot coming up for this next year of my life; it is very much going to be a transitional year in a lot of ways. I’m not really ready to publicize everything I’m planning on doing this year quite yet, but I’m sure I will blog about them once there’s actually something concrete to say.

On a semi-related note, I have been really embracing my nerdy side a lot more lately and it’s been nice. I harkened back to my middle school days and bought some Magic: The Gathering cards this weekend and ordered the Dragonlance Legends Trilogy from Amazon today. I used to be way into traditional “swords and sorcery” style fantasy growing up, but sort of moved away from it for a time when I went through my “Pretentious Hipster Douche” phase where I read nothing but nonfiction and spent all of my free time writing poetry (bad poetry, needless to say) and brooding about my then-suburban-existence. Having escaped the clutches of pretension and teenage angst, I’ve moved back to my nerdy roots and embraced them quite a bit lately. Maybe it’s just a passing phase, but I’m really enjoying it for the time being at least.


3 thoughts on ““Oh self, if we had a thousand mouths, we’d share a thousand kisses!”

  1. First off, that is an amazing title. Every time I see it, I’m happy.

    And we still need to talk about you thinking about coming back here for school… I didn’t realize you were thinking about that.

    1. Haha, classic narcissism never gets old!

      And yeah, I’m surprised I didn’t tell you that, actually. I’m going to sleep now, but I’ll fill you in tomorrow from my cubicle.

      1. I keep stumbling across the ‘We’re from MoCo, we’re better than you!’ CDs every few months. They always make me happy.

        And yeah, text me when you can. Hopefully I’ll be awake.

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