I’m getting my fat ass back on the wagon, damn it!

For the past almost-year-and-a-half, I’ve been monitoring my food intake and forcing myself to move around and be physically active more frequently as a sustainable way of losing weight and keeping it off. It’s definitely been a slow process as the past 16 months have “only” yielded a 40lb loss, for the most part I’m okay with that because 95% of the time, the scale is either moving in the right direction or standing still. Honestly, I consider both of these things a victory considering that I actually gained about 50lbs between May of 2006 and December of 2009 due to a combination of laziness, shitty eating, depression, and more laziness.

One thing I’m not okay with however is the fact that I’ve really been slacking lately on monitoring my food intake. And honestly, keeping an eye on the number of calories I take in is the only “diet” thing I do since I still eat whatever I want, pretty much. So far I’ve been lucky and have only gained (and subsequently lost) two pounds over these past slacktastic two months, but I’m certainly not going to continue leaving my health to chance! So, I’m forcing myself to buckle down and log everything I eat again, just like I use to when I first started, for the next 30 days. No matter how far over or under my calorie goal I am, I will consider the day a success if I complete my food log.

I originally started out using FitDay’s PC software, but around January I switched to MyFitnessPal, simply because I have the option of entering my food online, which I can do from work or home, and an Android app which I can use when eating out. I really like the software I use, so I think that the only reason I haven’t been logging as of late is laziness, and that’s a really bad reason to do (or not do) something, especially when you consider that even though I don’t “limit” myself in anyway when I’m logging, I do tend to listen to what my body actually wants or needs more when I have to write it down. Nothing is more guilt-inducing than realizing that your body was craving raspberries and brie, but you gave it M&Ms from the vending machine because you didn’t want to leave the building during your lunch break in search of what you really wanted. Keeping track of what I’m shoveling into my face keeps me from eating crap out of convenience (and then ultimately going back and eating what I was craving in the first place, heh), so I’m looking forward to starting that full-time again.

On the “spend less time sitting on my ass in front of a Reddit” side of things, I’m starting tennis lessons on May 1st and I’m pretty excited about it. Depending on my budget, I’ll either be doing it once a week or twice week, but either way, it’ll be nice to do something other than DDR or hiking up Pittsburgh hills for exercise. I’m not as out of shape as I once was, so I figured stepping my game up (no pun intended) would help me burn more calories while nurturing a new hobby, so expect to hear about that in the near future, too.

I have about 50 more pounds I plan on losing (at which point I will be 15 pounds above my doctor’s goal, but oh well…I want to keep some curves), but I don’t really have any set timeframe to lose them in honestly. I’m already perfectly healthy (*knock on wood for it staying that way*): my labs are beautiful across the board and there’s nothing that being fat actually prevents me from doing, so I’m not in a super hurry, but I’m not going to lie: I like buying smaller (and cuter) clothes, so I’d like to drop two or three more sizes (probably about 25lbs-30lbs?) over the next six months so I can justify buying a whole new winter wardrobe in November. That’s roughly a pound a week, so it seems doable, but we’ll see. Honestly, I would not be mad if I only lost five pounds in that time, truth be told. I still like food and I want to enjoy it, even if it means watching the scale creep downward at a snails pace from now until I’m 25.

TL;DR – I am starting to log my food intake again, but I want to be healthy more than anything else because I have a super-awesome relationship with my body already, fat or not. Also, yay tennis lessons!

3 thoughts on “I’m getting my fat ass back on the wagon, damn it!

  1. I think tennis is actually supposed to be one of the better sports for burning calories, because it’s usually nothing but short sprints. That’s entirely anecdotal, though, because I have no clue how to play tennis for serious.

    But good on you… Seriously, how often do you crave brie? That’s gotta be one of the most foodie cravings I’ve heard in a while.

  2. Yeah, according to some calorie calculators I looked at, an hour of tennis burns like 500 calories, which is awesome.

    And yeah, I am a brie fanatic, although I never really thought of it as a foodie thing, haha.

  3. 500 calories? Dang. Tennis suddenly sounds more interesting, haha.

    Any cheese I consider fancy is automatically a foodie thing to me. I hadn’t had brie until a few months ago, so it was beyond fancy and more in the ‘mythical’ category.

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