Memorial Day Weekend Odds and Ends

Since I am both cheap and lazy, I decided to spend memorial day weekend at home instead of going down to Maryland to visit my friends and family, so nice of me, I know. That said, I’m super geeked about enjoying a nice, lazy weekend. This entry won’t be anything substantive, but I just wanted to show what I’ve done with my weekend thus far:

Yesterday, I decorated my ukelele with wiggle eyes, see:

I also taught myself a few chords and started working on fingerpicking; I can now play “Silent Night.” Now I just need to develop some finger callouses so I can play for more than like five minutes at a time.

Today, I ended up going to South Hills Village to eat Taco Bell for lunch (delicious, and I’m still on track with calories today, hooray), and then I went to Target and Giant Eagle on my way home. My adventure produced a few purchases with which I am quite happy:

See that book there, 703?? I paid $3.34 for a hardback version of it at the Waterfront Giant Eagle. Amazon is asking a whopping $18.99 for the Kindle edition, wut. The book is wrapped in an adorable hoodie that I got on clearance at Target for $4.98; I put them together in the same shot because I was too lazy to take two separate pictures. =P

Now, I am going to go watch Last Train Home and Up the Yangtze while enjoying tasty guacamole and Pringles, mmmm.

2 thoughts on “Memorial Day Weekend Odds and Ends

  1. The eyes have it…nice touch! … Can’t wait to “The Halls of Fear” 🙂

    Your presence is greatly missed this weekend 🙁

    1. …is that song from The Godfather? >.>

      Don’t miss me…come visit! You can do my dishes, take out my trash, and buy me an conditioner! Okay? Okay! 🙂

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