A Long-Overdue Update

Obviously updating my blog has been pretty low on my list of priorities as of late. But I figured that since I’m home from work early and I need a distraction from how miserably hot it is outside, now would be a great time to do that!

First and foremost, I ordered a really cheap ukelele, hooray! I had a promotional credit for $20 in my account after buying my mom the game L.A. Noire for an early birthday present (yeah, my mom is cool, but that’s a entry in and of itself.), so I decided to go for it. After seeing that one of my favorite vloggers and indie-musicians, Joseph Birdsong, had purchased one, I started to want one because it seemed like a fun and inexpensive way to sort of play around with an instrument without any major commitment. I’m not really a musical person in the slightest, but hey, it seems like something fun to do over the summer. Besides, I’ve got nothing to lose, literally; I’m getting the thing for free, after all! It should be here tomorrow, yay!

Outside of buying cute stringed instruments, life has been fairly average. I’ve been working a lot, sleeping a lot, and reading a lot. I’ve done pretty horribly with being physically active, but I have been eating way, way better as of late, so I’m halfway there, I guess. I’m definitely going to have to restart Couch to 5k; it pains me to have to say that, but I’ve been slacking, so I must do what I have to do, I guess. I have set myself a really, really lenient weight loss goal of losing about 30lbs more before Christmas rolls around, so I’ve been slowly plugging away at that; it helps that I have some really cute Christmas-themed PJ pants that I got on clearance in January that are a couple of sizes too small that I wanna be able to wear by then. I’ve also been making a point of posting on one of my favorite weight loss/fitness forums on a daily basis again and that’s really been helping with keeping myself accountable, too.

Unrelated to anything meaningful, I have been playing Farm Story on my phone and it’s been an epic waste of time, but a really fun waste of time, so I’m gonna keep doing so until I get sick of it. But for now, I have a stupid headache, so I do believe that I am going to go lay down for awhile.

2 thoughts on “A Long-Overdue Update

  1. I had to re-read that line about L.A. Noire being for your Mom. Hell, *I* haven’t played that game yet. She is cooler than me. x.x

    But just think, if you restart Couch to 5k, it’ll help you on that goal to never walk slowly.

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