Of Books and Slackerdom

It’s been awhile, clearly. I have pretty much spent every free minute I’ve had over the past week glued to my Kindle. As a result of this, I’ve manged to start and finish four books in the span of the past seven days, not too bad, if I must say so myself. As well as I’ve done with reading, I haven’t managed to stay quite so on top of my fitness quest.

I’ve done decently in terms of sticking to my calorie limit, but I definitely haven’t been exercising…like, at all. I had forgotten how wet Pittsburgh is during spring and how lazy I am during most any activity. That said, I think I might buy a Gazelle so that I can’t use the weather as an excuse to be lazy and not workout. Though, I have no idea if I’ll do that this week though; I still need to buy a window AC and a plane ticket, so we’ll see.

I will probably write a real entry later tonight or tomorrow. I also intend to do the classic “What’s in Your Bag” meme and post it here sometime soon.