Code monkey get up, get coffee. Code monkey go to job.

After browsing through an acquaintance’s pictures on Facebook from her graduation from a graduate program, I found myself with a renewed motivation to start plugging away at my to-do list so that I can hopefully have all my ducks in order to start grad school in the fall of 2012. I’m still not 100% certain as to what I want to study since I’ve realized that Public Policy isn’t really going to fulfill me long-term; I have some ideas, but I’m not ready to make them public just yet until I make an actual decision. That said, I do plan on taking the new GRE this September while it’s still 50% off the regular registration fee. I’m also planning on buying Barron’s New GRE Study Guide when it’s released and getting myself into the routine of heading to the library for an hour or two after work twice a week so that I have prayer of getting a decent score.

I also ended up unintentionally doing a writing and self-reflection exercise by sitting down and writing an “About Me”-style blurb from the perspective of myself, but three-years in the future. It was sort of interesting to sit down and describe where I want my life to be when I’m 25-years-old. The next step is sit down and analyze what I wrote so that I can work backwards and figure out exactly what I need to be doing now in order for my future to take the shape which I want it to, so I guess I’ll work through that at some point over the next week. I might post it, but right now, I’m not bold enough to make my dream life public, I guess.

As of the moment, I’m sitting at my desk, bemoaning the end of the weekend at watching The Legend of Black Heaven, an anime which I stumbled across yesterday after seeing an AMV featuring the show on someone’s Livejournal. I really haven’t been much into anime since I was in high school, but I’m enjoying watching the show nonetheless. Now I am going to eat dinner and then burn some incense, lay in a bubble bath and read for awhile before begrudgingly turning off my lights and going to bed so that I can be well-rested for the start of the work week, hooray?