Blogvember 2015 : 1/30

And so Blogvember begins!

I feel a lot more grounded than I did four or five days ago. It’s amazing how quickly you can move beyond something once you make your. Ind up to do so and surround yoursf with the entrappings of day-to-day life. I won’t be audacious enough to say I’ve completely gotten over the circumstances that had me a little lower than usual last week, but I have definitely quickly come to realize that there wasnt much to let go of in the first place.

Aside from the above, things have been pretty okay. I ended up having to dump $530 into my car unexpectedly on Friday which was annoying, but I’m glad it’s over and done with (and that it wasn’t more expensive than that). Whenever I find myself face-to-face with an unexpected expense, I am grateful that I’m in a place financially where things like this are an annoyance and not a huge problem. This gratitude, in combination with the rapidly-approaching holiday season, has put me in the mood to  do something charitable;  GoFundMe campaigns are everywhere, so I guess I’ll just keep an eye out for one that speaks to me, figure out what I can afford to give, and open up my wallet. I really should be in the mindset of helping others year round, but I seem to only think of giving as the year winds down.

On the topic of the year coming to a close, I am beyond jazzed that clocks have rolled back and the nights are now longer. I have always been a sucker for winter and fall: something about the seemingly-eternal frigid darkness makes me feel safe and alive in a way that summer never could. Add the fall and winter holidays (and the associated time off work) in there and it’s easy to see why I’m a sucker For the season.

There is a fair bit more I feel like blogging about, but given I have 29 days of daily blogging left, I will save some for later.