What the Snowman [Remembered] About Love

Two entries in one day, what is this blasphemy!? It’s almost like the old Livejournal days when I pretty much blogged any and everything that ever happened to me.

Anyway, I just got back from eating/gaming/hanging out with friends, both old and new, close and casual, for almost seven hours and it was really nice. I admittedly I am not always the most social person on the planet: I am an introvert and value my down time immensely, but when I do socialize, it can be…nice. At one point tonight, a bunch of us were sitting around the table eating dinner and it felt like a family dinner in the best way possible. I am glad that I know so many amazing, nerdy people. There is serenity in solitude, but there is comfort in the midst of a tribe. Somehow I ended up in a position in life and in mind where, on the luckiest of days, I am able to move back and forth between both effortlessly.

I do not always do a great job of vocalizing my gratitude for (or to) the people in my life, but I would be entirely remiss if I didn’t, at least once in awhile, stop and think “holy shit, I am one lucky asshole.”