If this town’s your sinking ship then you know where to jump

Note: I wrote this entry nearly three weeks ago and never published it, apparently.

A conversation that I recently had with a friend made me realize that, to a certain extent, I have sort of lost sight of what is I want in the intermediate term future. It was pretty surreal coming to this realization as, once upon a time, I always had my eyes firmly fixed on the horizon. Perhaps I’ve been hyper-focus on pushing myself through this odd period of personal growth and maturation that I’m in right now or perhaps I haven’t really let myself imagine that there is a future quite as much as is once did. When I was in my teens, and even earlier in my twenties, life seemed pretty linear: finish undergrad, get a job, start grad school, save some cash, etc.

Now, sitting just over a month away from turning 26 with a Bachelor’s degree, a stable, well-paying job, and a graduate program set to begin in less than a month, I don’t know what’s left in longer, but not quite long, term. I really have wrapped up (or am in the process of wrapping up) what the majority of what once were my long-term goals, making now a pretty logical place in time to do some reflection.

Even though I’m not thrilled with every minute detail of my life (really, who is?), I am pretty happy with the direction in which I’m heading. There are definitely things which I want to do over the next few years (save more money, advance my career, travel, finish grad school), but save for that last one, they aren’t really markers in life. During the next three to four years while I’m in school, my life will realistically be quite static, but everything I do during that period will push me towards where I’ll end up once I’m done with school and staring 30 straight in the face.

I highly doubt that I’ll reach any super intense conclusions just from writing this one blog entry, but it’s a start, right?