Couch to 5k – Week 1, Day 1

This morning I woke up stupidly early and completed the first day of Couch to 5k! The hardest part was definitely getting myself out the door; the allure of spending a few more hours in my warm bed was almost too much for me to give up, but I did and I’m quite pleased that I did. Admittedly, I did a little more walking that I was supposed to, but I’m not going to beat myself up over it. I will probably end up spending two weeks on week one just to “catch up,” though. All-in-all, I’m out of shape, but not as out of shape as I thought I was, so that’s nice.

I’m feeling pretty victorious and healthy and proactive, so I figured that an update was in order so that I can remember this feeling the when my next running day comes around. I start tennis lessons on Monday, so I’m planning to get up at like 5:30am and go running before work on Wednesday so that I can have a day off between this run and tennis, and another day off between tennis and my next run.

I am technically a little, fledgling , wannabe runner. That is super weird, but awesome! Why did I wait so long to do this, again?

2 thoughts on “Couch to 5k – Week 1, Day 1

  1. Congratulations!

    Keep sharing your progress; you are an inspiration to many; love the photos; keep them coming!

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