As soon as I’m legal, this love affair is over.

Life is weird.

I am officially done with my undergraduate education so it seemed fitting to make a blog post. Perhaps not to necessarily talk about the closing of this chapter of my life, but just to talk in general. Now that I’ve reclaimed a fair amount of my free time, I can focus on doing things like cleaning my apartment and preparing to pack for my upcoming move, playing Guild Wars 2, studying up on my data structures and algorithms in pursuit of a job, updating my portfolio site, actually catching up on my 2013 reading challenge, and taking guilt-free naps. As nice as it is, I still feel sort of antsy and rudderless but I suppose that’ll pass once: a.) final grades are posted and b.) I settle into a new routine without the continually pressures of academia. In the interim, however, I continue to feel like a college student who just happens to be on break. But then again, I only turned in my last final some two days ago, so I suppose I should expect to still feel somewhat transitory.

At present moment, I’m jumping back and forth between writing this entry and cleaning my sun room; I’m planning on finally buying/playing Bioshock Infinite tonight or tomorrow and I want to be able to hang out in here and play it without being surrounded by the ghosts of junk mail past which are presently all over my desk. I actually really want to get all the preliminary cleaning of my apartment done this week so I can start packing in earnest. I’m not moving until late-May or early-June, but I want to get as much done as I can before it starts to get really hot and disgusting outside since I don’t have central air here.

But for now? I am going to indulge my inner 14-year-old and attempt to get into the anime Spice and Wolf.