Underachievers, please try harder.

Good ole' Courage Wofl; this is my motto for the next 16 weeks.
Good ole’ Courage Wofl; this is my motto for the next 16 weeks.

Despite the fact that Spring  Semester (a misnomer, considering that it was 18 degrees this morning…) started yesterday, I really want to hold my feet to the fire and continue to stay in the habit of updating here with some regularity.

I think I’m in for a fair bit of a challenge with my Algorithm Implementation course this term; you know that a class is going to run you through the ringer when a professor straight up tells says “good enough is good enough…don’t do more than you have to” during the first class meeting. That said, I only get one go at passing this bitch if I want to (finally) finish my minor in April, so I’m going to have to really stay on top of everything and not be too prideful to ask for help when I need it, because I’m sure I won’t be able to just breeze through this class without a care. I’m also getting my first taste of a low-level programming language this term in Systems Software which is being taught using C; as terrifying as it’ll be to actually do any real coding in a language that doesn’t protect me from the nitty-gritty stuff like managing memory, I’m excited for the both the challenge and the opportunity to expand my skillset.

That said, I’d be lying if I said I weren’t suffering from impostor syndrome to some degree. As of right now, I’m dealing with it by telling the little nay-saying voice in the back of my head to slide its forked tongue back behind its teeth and fuck the hell off. I suppose I’ll just have to bust my ass and prove my competence to myself to completely quell it, though. I’ve also been spending a lot of time on r/getmotivated, too which always helps me feel a lot better about myself and my abilities.

Semi-related, I’ve been eating and exercising really well the past few days which has been nice. Now if I could only get my sleep schedule to an equally good place, I’d be in business. Between work and school, Monday – Thursday are all roughly 10.5 hours days for me, not including studying and commuting, so I’m really going to have to take damn good care of my body if I plan on making it through this term without a repeat of last semesters fainting episodes. All-in-all, I tend to feel a lot better both physically and emotionally when I’m treating my body like something other than a display case for my brain, so I guess that’s a pretty good impetus to keep it up in and of itself.

At present moment, however, I have minimal desire to do anything other than spend some quality time with my Kindle and continue to work through The Joy of X by Steven H. Strogatz which is really blowing my mind in the best way possible. I realize this doesn’t mean too terribly much since it’s only January 8th, but of the three books  I’ve read already this year (and the two I’m currently reading), this is the best book I’ve read thus far in 2013; perhaps I’ll write about it when I’m done. But for now, back to reading!

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  1. Memory management is not as bad as you think it is, it just takes getting used to. It’s something additional to remember, which is…. annoying, really.

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