Cleared to start Couch to 5k, hooray!

Exciting news! I had a doctor’s appointment this morning in which I was granted both a clean bill of health, and the go ahead to start doing Couch-to-5k, which I’ve wanted to do pretty much since I started losing weight. My doctor mentioned The Great Race and suggested that I might want to make running in it my goal with C25k. So I registered for it. And I am going to start Week 1 of C25k (and tennis lessons, too, for that matter, heh) next week.

It boggles my mind that 18 months ago I would have never, ever thought about doing either of these things, and now here I am, actually planning on engaging in physical activity for recreation. I definitely think that my health journey has changed my mind a hell of a lot more than my body. It also helps greatly that I have a doctor who agrees with me on the fact that not everyone is destined to fall into the weight ranges outlined by the BMI, but instead supports me getting me getting my weight to a place that’s right for my body and then maintaining that via healthy habits, a la Health at Every Size.

While I was at the doctor today, I also got the weird little lump on my wrist examined. My suspicions were correct, and it is in fact a Ganglion Cyst, but thankfully, I can just leave it alone unless it starts to cause me problems. I’m beyond thrilled to not have to be secretly worried that it’s a tumor anymore, so that’s a weight off my shoulders.

We’re supposed to be getting some pretty gnarly storms here tonight, so I do believe that I am going to go take a bath now in case my power goes out later.