Green, green youth. What about the sweetness we knew?

In an effort to break up the monotony that my life seems to have become as of late, I just booked Megabus tickets to Akron and Cleveland for day trips next month on a whim. It’s not a “real” vacation, but I am looking forward to exploring another city, eating at some new places, and taking some pictures; I’m also looking forward to actually sitting down and planning my little excursions and deciding what sights I want to see and where I want to eat and the like. I haven’t booked tickets yet, but I also want to do a three or four day trip to Toronto this summer, probably in early August if I can get a Friday and a Monday off work to make a long weekend trip out of it.

Writing about Ohio and planning these trips make think of the song “Carry Me Ohio” by Sun Kil Moon; it was one of my favorites freshman year of college.

ETA: Eh, fuck it…I just booked a trip to Toronto for my birthday weekend. Excitement!