A rainy Good Friday? Go on aimless adventures and run errands!

I just watched the most recent episode of The Office, and before I say anything else, I must make two things clear:

1.) I am not a crier. There was actually a two-year period of time where I did not cry once.
2.) I am not a TV person. In fact, I only watch three shows four (Well, it will be four again when season two of The Walking Dead starts) shows. Actually, I don’t even have cable, were it not for the powers of les inerwebs,I wouldn’t even watch those.

With both of these things out of the way, I’ve got to admit that this episode made me realize that I am going to cry like a little bitch next week while watching Steve Carell’s final episode. The most recent episode had an ending that was just so endearing and sweet that I felt my eyes moisten and a slight pang of sadness at knowing that I will no longer see the antics of Michael Scott every week. As sad as it is to see one of my favorite characters leave my favorite show, the blow is softened by knowing that I can watch all of the old episodes whenever I want, so at least there’s that.

In terms of news outside of the idiotbox, I spent a ton of money on groceries today. I’m going to try to stay away from the vending machines at work (it doesn’t help that they take debit cards) and stop eating out so often, for the sake of both my wallet and waistline. I’ve realized that I really hate having to grocery shop in the middle of the week, so I guess I’m going to go back to buying a ton of food on weekends and only going once a week again. I also finally got around to trying Metromint water, and it’s pretty good…but pretty darn expensive at a whopping $2 per 16.9 ounce bottle. That said, it’s really refreshing and it’s zero calories, so I may just have to order a case from Amazon, where it’s a (slightly) more reasonable $1.58 per bottle. Ever since I got a free trial of Amazon Prime, I have been buying stuff I would normally buy elsewhere at Amazon because, without having to pay for shipping, it’s just so much cheaper to do so. Free Amazon Prime trials for students is probably one of the best examples of a loss leader strategy, ever.

I went to The Mall at Robinson today, but it didn’t buy anything other than lunch. I was just having one of those days where trying on clothes just didn’t seem appealing; it didn’t help that it was raining today, so the bottoms of my pants were wet, thus decreasing my desire take them off and put them back on a million times. Actually, I had planned on going on a picture-taking adventure, but the rain messed that up, too, but I digress. I ended up taking a different bus than usual to the mall, so I’ve finally seen McKees Rocks after hearing people talk about how horrible and run down it is for years; honestly, it looks just like any other decaying steel town around here to me. It actually seemed to be in better shape than most to me, judging from the number of businesses which were still open.

On a related note, one thing that never does cease to amaze me about this region is how economically-depressed areas and well-to-do suburbs can coexist so peacefully next to each other; the juxtaposition just makes the rich look richer and the poor look poorer. I’m sure it’s that way back in Maryland, too, but I was just too blind to notice it when I lived there.

I never know how to end entries, so I’ll just say excuse the typos, because I’m sure there are plenty!

ETA: It’s been a week since I re-registered Uninspired-Musings! Wow, that went by quickly. Even in that short period of time, blogging more regularly has made me feel more peaceful. I like it.