Let’s hit the road dear friend of mine, wave goodbye to our thankless jobs.

Now that I’m finished with university, I’m moving out of my college apartment. Accordingly, I’ve been going through a lot of the things that I’ve amassed since I moved in here three years ago: deciding what to keep, deciding what to toss, and deciding what to donate. This evening I decided to wrangle with my front closet: a haphazard pile of boxes that I’ve been prolonging. I expected to find a family of dust bunnies, a dead bug or two, and maybe a few boxes worth of questionable fashion choices that have followed me back and forth across state lines over the past half decade.

While I did find those things (sans the dead bugs, thankfully), I also ended up finding fodder for a multi-hour nostalgia binge. I won’t delve into a bunch of interesting-only-to-me details of the little, and major, reminders of my past that I found hidden beneath a layer of dust and loving neglect, but I will say that browsing through remnants of old hobbies, successes, failures, loves, and loves lost has made me realize that the only time that I feel like a complete person is when I’m looking backwards. It’s only when I’m knee-deep in yesterdays that I feel like an actual, honest-to-goodness person. Having tangible, physical indicators that I have done things with my life, that I have made progress, that I have hurt, that I have weathered bad times and kept moving forward makes me remember that I am more than the face staring at me in the mirror at present moment.

It’s a good feeling to be reminded that I’m not just where I am in life by happenstance, but rather by careful and deliberate planning. My tastes and interests are not merely traits acquired by a roll of the dice, but rather pearls of knowledge through trial and error. Given that I’m now entering a phase in my life where I’m going to have to make a lot of strategic decisions, its really nice to remember that I’ve done this before and its worked out well.