We kill what we build because we own the sky.

It’s 10pm, I just got home from class and I have work in the morning, but I just wanted to update for the sake of chronicling a life lesson that I learned today: No matter how little hope there might appear to be in a given situation, it’s never completely hopeless. Sometimes, after innumerable sleepless nights, things work out and it’s bloody amazing. The thing to remember in times like these is that if you don’t ask for help, you’ll never receive it; it’s better to cross the finish line holding someone else’s hand than to stand on the sidelines alone.

With that off my chest and out of the way, I also wanted to make a tentative list of things I want to do during the three-week break (from school, I’m still working) I have between the end of Summer Semester and the start of Fall Semester:

I really want these next three weeks to productive. The end of the semester is always really bittersweet for me; I’m happy to be regaining my free time after my last final and my last paper, but it’s always…sad…having a class end, even after as little as six weeks. I guess the ending of a class just reminds me that time is always flowing, its constant movement changing both myself and my circumstances, even when I’m not entirely aware of it. What I am aware of though? The fact that I have to be up stupidly early tomorrow morning. I do believe it’s bedtime for me.