January 2012 Wrap-Up

I am forever playing catchup in regard to posting here, it seems. One of my goals for the Day Zero Project is to update here every month during 2012, so I had to squeeze in a much overdue update before this month ended. Since I’m a little rusty in the blogging department, I’ll update in the lazy person’s copout: list format!

1.) I’m growing my hair out, sort of. I haven’t straightened it since February of 2011 and now I have a ridiculous mop of curls that I don’t really know what to do with. I really need a haircut because my ends have seen much better days.

2.) Even though I generally have no affinity towards rap/hip hop music, I’ve been casually listening to Kelle Maize lately and I’ve enjoyed her music since: A.) She’s a Pittsburgher, B.) She’s no aimlessly vulgar, C.) Her music actually seems to reflect an intelligence that generally doesn’t exist in “urban music.”

3.) I am officially registered to take the GRE on Tuesday, March 27, 2012 at 12:35pm. The specific grad program that I’m looking at doesn’t require it, but I wanted to leave my options open to apply elsewhere and to apply for funding. I’m finishing undergrad this year (after belaboring it forever for reasons both voluntary and not) and planning on starting a graduate program in either Spring or Fall 2013. Things are still really up in the air since I want to build a decent nest egg before the whole dramatic drop in income that’ll surely come along with being a full-time student again.

4.) I have been horrible about working out this month and I can feel it. I need to get my shit together in a major way! Whenever I go without working out for a while, I feel really gross and unattractive, sooo…I forsee myself getting a few runs in next week to abate this ickiness.

5.) Glitch has been consuming an embarassing amount of my free time lately, but it’s so fun that I refuse to feel badly about that.